3rd FROM THE SUN "S/T" - 2019

3rd FROM THE SUN "S/T" - 2019

Review Published: 28 October 2020
  • Label: M & O Office
  • Format: CD
  • Release Date: 20.09.2019

Ok, this album is not that "new".. but.. ain't that logical to say that if you haven't heard of it yet, it's new to you ? And after all, it was released last year.. it's not like it was 10 years old.. So, enough of useless blablabla.. let's go now to the essential... The MUSIC ! To be honest, this is a review I really wanted to do 'cos I think 3RD FROM THE SUN are one of the most interessant bands emerging from the french underground "post" metal/hard-core scene if I can say so... Their music is not so usual and finally I'm happy to find a band ready to deliver something personal, not afraid of taking risks, experimenting... following the path of bands like PRONG, VOIVOD that I can think of as being the band's major influences.. you can feel the "in-your-face" PRONG's touch and the more experimenting VOIVOD's - yet very aggressive one that I'd compare to the "Phobos"/"Negatron" era.. And more surprising, another canadian band comes to my mind when hearing the band's experiments and that's not a bad point at all : NOMEANSNO - ...when it comes to "experiments", those fuckos are kings !
Vocally speaking, I really enjoy hearing clear vocals, no fuckin' growls at all on this record ... they're flayed, screamed, aggressive anbd definitely brings a feeling of urgency to the record !
Now you get the picture, if the aforemetioned bands are among your fave ones, i urge you to give 3RD FROM THE SUN a try, i'm sure you'll be convinced !

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Born 1969, grew up with the NWOBHM sounds, musically educated with cult french magazines that were ENFER and METAL ATTACK, definitely nailed to the style when "The Number Of The Beast" by IRON MAIDEN was released... From 1982, it was clear life would never be the same ! Young & getting wild to the HEAVY sounds of SAXON, VENOM, BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD, Young Fab also discovered thanks to school mates the NOISE, FILTH & FURY of Hard-Core/Punk bands like G.B.H, DISCHARGE, BROKEN BONES but also CRO-MAGS, BAD BRAINS, FUGAZI... and later on, through the 90's, everything that was ALTERNATIVE, EXPERIMENTAL, GRUNGE, INDUSTRIAL (SONIC YOUTH, NINE INCH NAILS, SOUDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS)... Passion & curiosity grew up as years went by ... Fate was SEALED... no turning back ! No Music = No Life !

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