HOLY WAR "Holy Fükkin' Warr" 2022

HOLY WAR "Holy Fükkin' Warr" 2022

Review Published: 09 January 2023
  • Label: CABALE Productions/RATLORD Productions
  • Format: LP/MC/Digital
  • Release Date: 01.05.2022

Ok, it's not anymore the typical style of music I'm listening to nowadays.... rather what I used to listen to years ago, when as a id i was discovering the METAL scene, when this one was still innovative, surprising, exciting, threatening & dangerous with bands like VENOM, DESTRUCTION, CELTIC FROST, POSSESSED.. you got it ? That Black/Thrash scene that made us feel invincible and fucking evil ! Ha ! Good memories ! So why today reviewing a band that plays that style ? Simply because HOLY WAR really kicks ass - and plays the style with alot of sincerity and conviction ! For sure, all the clichés are here.. Bullet belts, candles, make-up, leather & chains, inverted crosses & demons.. from the first sight, and from the intro with some "Ave Sathanas/Hail Satan" - you really know what to expect and if this evil Black/Thrash metal style is your shit, then be sure you won't be disappointed ! Musically, that's really definitely somewhere in-between "Welcome To Hell/Black Metal" (Venom), "Infernal Overkill" (Destruction), "Morbid Tales" (Celtic Frost), "Obsessed By Cruelty" (Sodom) - all released between 1981 & 1986 - with a mix of mid & fast tempos, simple and efficient song-structures, devilish vocals (really close at times to Cronos I must say), alot of improbable and approximate guitar soli but so much in the tone of the 80's sound that it is really astonishing and hard-to-believe it's been released in 2022 - the overall production is also very raw & definitely not sophisticated, which adds alot of authenticity to the final result !
Fun fact, HOLY WAR was active between 1985-1988 without ever releasing any record and has been exhumed last year with a line-up of experienced musicians having played in alot of bands before, among them, TOWERING, DEMON EYES, MASSACRA to name a very few... So, know that, if all this can seem cliché, out-dated, kitsch ... It is totally assumed and that this is a well thought out artistic approach, whose goal is above all to have fun... For the rest, as we said back in the days .. FOAD !

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Born 1969, grew up with the NWOBHM sounds, musically educated with cult french magazines that were ENFER and METAL ATTACK, definitely nailed to the style when "The Number Of The Beast" by IRON MAIDEN was released... From 1982, it was clear life would never be the same ! Young & getting wild to the HEAVY sounds of SAXON, VENOM, BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD, Young Fab also discovered thanks to school mates the NOISE, FILTH & FURY of Hard-Core/Punk bands like G.B.H, DISCHARGE, BROKEN BONES but also CRO-MAGS, BAD BRAINS, FUGAZI... and later on, through the 90's, everything that was ALTERNATIVE, EXPERIMENTAL, GRUNGE, INDUSTRIAL (SONIC YOUTH, NINE INCH NAILS, SOUDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS)... Passion & curiosity grew up as years went by ... Fate was SEALED... no turning back ! No Music = No Life !

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